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LUX* Grand Gaube, Mauritius

Our Opinion
LUX* Grand Gaube is situated in the centre of the Grand Gaube fishing village. It has just reopened following an extensive refurbishment programme. We are looking forward to visiting it sometime during 2018.

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15% Launch Offer Discount
30% Stay Longer Offer 11-20 nights
Luxury 4 star hotel created with a vision towards a new dimension. Freshness, harmony with the environment and the soft blending of colours are the prime objectives. Water, earth, wood, fire and metal set off one another and introduce the basic concepts of Feng Shui on visitors. This philosophy is based on the principle that human beings must live in harmony with themselves and their surroundings.

The calm lagoon stretches like a transparent mirror towards islets with enchanting names like "Gunners’ Quoin", "Flat Island" and "The Sugar Loaf".

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