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The Oberoi, Mauritius

Our Opinion
Situated in a glorious location on the northwest side of the island, the Oberoi offers the very highest class of accommodation and service with amenities to match.

The rooms are well-appointed and private, superbly decorated with Mauritian / Indonesian artefacts and come equipped with every modern convenience, including beautifully designed sunken marble baths overlooking a walled garden.

Private villas are available for a higher level of intimacy. This resort is aimed at privacy and peace to rejuvenate the body and the soul. If budget is not a primary consideration this hotel must be on your shortlist.
Mr Lek Bunag - a well known Thai architect - was responsible for the architecture of the hotel.

The Oberoi Mauritius is located at Turtle Bay on the North West coast of Mauritius. It has twenty acres of lush sub-tropical gardens, six hundred metres of ocean front and is surrounded by a turquoise lagoon; a majestic range of green mountains can be seen on the horizon.

The 20 acre site of The Oberoi Mauritius occupies a headland facing West. It is essentially a flat plateau, rising some 100 metres above sea-level. During the development of the foundation while basic grading was being undertaken, huge naturally-worn boulders (many as big as a car) were discovered just under the soil and have been used to form the contours of the gardens and landscape. The swimming pools –which are right on the beach - are hidden from view from the guest rooms. The resort is entered by driving past a 12 metre high aqueduct - reminiscent of the aqueducts used to water the sugar cane fields - which spills water into a natural freshwater pond. High vertical edges of this pond are softened with the profusely flowering yellow Allamanda.

Guest rooms and public buildings have been dyed ‘rust’ to match the natural volcanic boulders and the roofs are covered with a thick sugar cane thatch. The walls are stacked boulders which complete a very rustic landscape palette which enhances the natural curves of the hotel site. All rooms have been integrated with the natural landscape so that the resort is more like a spacious garden than a hotel building.

As a dramatic and most effective contrast to the earthy colours of the hotel, a beautiful lush garden of sub-tropical splendour awaits you. Meandering the contours and slopes which characterise the site, a wide range of trees offer their generous foliage and dancing leaves. Colourful cream and yellow frangipani trees are peppered around the gardens together with the traditional coconut and Livistona palm trees, Indian coral trees, African tulip trees as well as the Pendanus and Phoenix trees. Closer to our hearts, we can still contemplate and appreciate the beauty of the bright red flame trees which bloom every year, announcing Christmas and New Year. A majestic 25 year old Banyan tree graces the landscape with its unique presence and brings a fragrance of nostalgia and solidity which is ageless – it is the ultimate symbol of the nature which surrounds and immerses oneself in the overall atmosphere of peace and serenity.

Not only do the gardens offer different species of trees, but a variety of flowers as well. Water-lilies have been carefully nurtured to adorn the natural pond. A rainbow of colours warms our visual senses as flowers such as Hibiscus, Geranium, Heliconias, Oleander, Purple-hearts, Aloe, Bougainvilleas, Lantanas, Ixora and Vinca are mixed in a harmonious bouquet all around the hotel. The precisely pruned gardens of the luxury villas - especially when sitting next to the private pools with the golden and green reflections of their slates - seem like an oasis of freshness and restfulness.

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