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By contrast to the northwest, the northeast remains relatively quiet; fewer bathing beaches adorn this stretch of coastline which, however, is worth a visit for its splended views of the offshore islands. There is plenty to keep the visitor occupied, whether one opts for lazy days on the beach, sampling the host of more energetic aquatic activities available in the region. Away from the hustle and bustle of Port Louis, the northern resorts and the plateau towns, the east coast districts of Flacq and Grand Port seem quiet and isolated.

Some lovely beaches line the east coast, and strong onshore winds in winter make for good sailing. From Cap Malheureux eastward there are just a few isolated seaside hotels. However, it is pleasant to travel along the quiet coastal road by car, moped or bicycle.

Grand Gaube is a quiet fishing village with a public beach. It has a fish-landing station where fresh fish can be bought. The Grand Gaube Hotel and the smaller Island View Hotel nearby mark the end of the tourist area as such. From Grand Gaube there is easy access to the nearby Ile d’Ambre, an excellent spot for a relaxing day trip.

On the east coast cooling onshore breezes make summer the most pleasant time. September to May is best for diving. Winter on the east coast is good for sailing when the winds are much stronger especially in August. The sea is always warm all year round.