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Domaine du Chasseur

Situated in the South-East of the island, near Mahébourg, in the heart of abundant greenery, The Domaine du Chasseur, is the only private domain where visitors can hunt all year long in exchange of a contribution. The Domaine covers about 1950 acres of forest-clad slopes at an altitude of 300 to 500 meters. Hunting enables to limit the number of animals. Every year 400 animals must be killed in order to maintain the harmony of the livestock.

The Domaine du Chasseur provides you with all the required equipment and will also do what is necessary so that a potential trophy (the head of the deer for instance) be sent to your place after having been stuffed and set up (for a price of approximately Rs 4,500).

Prices range according to the stag killed. Rs 7,000 for a 1 year old male to Rs 17,000 for a big 4 years old male.