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Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury, Mauritius

Special Offers
2024-25 30% Long Stay Offer
2023-24 30% Long Stay Offer
2024 30% June Rendezvous Offer
2025 30% June Rendezvous Offer
2024-25 25% Early Booking Offer
2023-24 25% Early Booking Offer
2024-25 5% Repeat Client Offer
2023-24 5% Repeat Client Offer
2024 Teenager Offer
The resort will be closed from 26 May - 20 June 2024 for renovation of the pool area decks and Royal Villa.

Located on the sheltered north coast of Mauritius, the Royal Palm is a peaceful haven for connoisseurs, all the while providing a pleasant, homely feeling. With 69 suites set amid a backdrop of fine-grained sandy beaches and emerald blue waters, the establishment has earned a rightful place among the most refined hotels in the world.

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