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Constance Prince Maurice, Mauritius

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2025 35% 60-Day Seasonal Early Booking Offer (Early Summer)
2024 Summer 35% Seasonal Booking Offer
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2024 30% 60-Day Seasonal Early Booking Offer (October)
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2024 Children Special
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The MCB Tour Championship 2024 will be held at Links and Legend from the 5th through the 10th of December.

This 5 star deluxe hotel enjoys an idyllic location on the north east coast of the island. 15 minutes from the airport by helicopter and 35 Km from the capital Port Louis, Prince Maurice is situated on 60 hectares of private land which is completely unspoilt, sheltered from the prevailing winds and ensures maximum privacy to its guests. Its tropical gardens are typical, consisting of rare and luxuriant vegetation. The calm turquoise lagoon blends perfectly with the fresh green hinterland and the secluded beaches of brilliant white sand. A natural fish reserve situated on the western part of the hotel adds to the uniqueness and natural beauty of the location.

Dress Code Notification:

From 01 May Constance Hotels shall adopt a “Resort Chic” dress code at all hotel restaurants (excluding the fine dining restaurants). What does this mean?

During the Day: Shorts, T-Shirts or polo shirts with footwear are acceptable. Swimwear must be covered at all times.

Evening: Lightweight trousers or tailored shorts, bermuda shorts, long or short sleeved collared shirts (such as polo shirts and button down shirts), and footwear are required. No flip flops or slippers and swimwear or sleeveless shirts are not permitted.

Fine dining restaurants: If clients are dining in one of the fine dining restaurants then gentlemen are required to wear: long trousers, collared shirts (short sleeve or long sleeve / button down or polo shirt) and footwear. Ladies are also asked to respect evening attire in line with the elegant atmosphere of the restaurant.

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