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Sands Suites Resort & Spa, Mauritius

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2024 25% Discount Offer
2024-25 10% Honeymoon & Wedding Anniversary Discount Offer
2023-24 10% Honeymoon & Wedding Anniversary Discount Offer
2024-25 5% 60-Day Early Booking Bonus
2023-24 5% 60-Day Early Booking Bonus
From August 2023, all new bookings will be restricted to guests 12 and older.

Situated on the West coast of the island, The Sands Resort is a four star hideaway for couples seeking tranquility, comfort and personalised service in an elegant setting.

The view across the lagoon and the Bay of Tamarin is spectacular, with the majestic Le Morne mountain in the distance and the deep blue horizon beyond the white crests of the coral reef.

The 250m long white sandy beach is well protected and the crystal clear lagoon is suitable for all kinds of water sports.

The beautifully landscaped gardens of the hotel provide the right backdrop for the superb Mauritian architecture of the complex.

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